Partnership Program

Do you have clients or customers that may be interested in migrating to Australia?

Aejis Migration offers a referral program to professional firms in global markets.​

By referring qualified leads to Aejis you provide your client with a trusted advisor and are compensated with a share of any professional service fees generated.

Aejis Migration maintains the highest standards of legal migration services and works with its partners: 

    • Professional – Growing team of experts from Hong Kong and Australia
    • Credible – Registered legal experts and Australian migration agents
    • Capable – Able to introduce high-quality candidates looking for migration and other legal services in Australia

Typically, our referral program participants include: 

    • Law firms in other jurisdictions 
    • Accountants and accounting firms 
    • Business consultants
    • Real estate investment consultants
    • Investment banks
    • Managed funds
    • Financial advisors
    • Corporate advisory firms

Partnership with Aejis can be achieved in any one of the following ways:

Referral Program

When a partner refers a lead to Aejis and that lead converts into a client by engaging and paying any professional fee associated with the service, the referrer is entitled to an agreed upon referral fee.

These fees are applicable for any legal services provided by Aejis for that lead or any subsequent leads resulting from there onward (i.e if lead engages us to provide migration and commercial law services).

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Service-Based Program

The partner provides their own services to the lead/client, and thus, charges their own service fee which is separate to our professional fees.
The partner has full discretion as to what their service fee will be, but we would encourage a collaborative assessment of fees to ensure the services aren’t overpriced in the market. The partner also has discretion as to what the scope of their services will be (i.e simply making an introduction or making the introduction and being the interface between us and the client). 
If the partner prefers this option, they need to be aware that Aejis would need to get instructions directly from the client. The partner can sit in on any consultations and be cc’d into all email correspondence, but for accuracy and efficiency, Aejis must have a direct line of communication with the client to ensure we are meeting all our ethical and professional obligations. 

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