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The Australian aquaculture industry has seen a rise in demand over the past few years.

The aquaculture industry is currently valued at $1.6 billion AUD and received an overall profit of $175.4 million AUD in the last financial year.

From 2013 to 2018 the industry has seen a 4.7% growth, and a rise in average income as well as an increased focus on health means the industry is expected to continue growing until at least 2023.

While most of the market hold is in Tasmania and South Australia, Queensland holds the third largest levels of production (8.6%).

After slowing down in 2010, the industry has consistently shown promising growth with the highest annual growth rate 11.3%.

It is predicted that more than half of the fish consumed globally will be produced by aquaculture in 2020-21 and export markets are expected to rise as the global demand for seafood increases.

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Australia is one of the most globally trusted agricultural exporters, known for high quality and cutting-edge technology that has anticipated this growing demand.

By 2030, Australia aims to have trade deals in place with Asia’s five largest economies, who are currently some of the largest purchasers of our exports.

The Australian Federal Government has developed a strategic plan to build and expand the current agriculture industry with a goal of growing agriculture to become a $100 billion industry.

In the past decade the industry has become increasingly globalised, sparking foreign investments into local farms.

The agricultural industry was valued at $60 billion AUD in the financial year ending 2017, and in this period produced total export earnings of $44.8 billion.

The agricultural industry in Australia is a solid performer and it is anticipated that there will be strong industry growth over the next decade and beyond.

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Land & Property Development

Property development including commercial, residential and multi-level developments is a significant growth industry in Australia.

The industry is currently valued at $15.9 billion AUD, recording a $2.8 billion AUD profit in the last financial year.

The Australian industry is predicted to continue growing 4% annually over the next five years, with a value of $17.6 billion by 2023.

Australia’s property market has performed better than most other developed countries, resulting in many large international players investing here.

The future looks promising with Australia’s steady growth in both total population and population density expected to increase demand for land development over the next five years.

There are few barriers to entry for new competitors looking to enter the market as either independent property owners or building developers, making this market one of the best to enter.

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Building & Construction

The Building and Construction Industry is a significant growth industry.

It was recently valued at $36.6 billion and made a profit of $2.1 billion in the last financial year.

It has shown consistent growth over the last 10 years and is predicted to continue to gradually increase in value until 2023.

Queensland is home to 19.7% of all enterprises in this sector, following behind New South Wales (31.8%) and Victoria (28.4%).

While the demand for industrial building construction has declined in recent years, there has been a strong demand for commercial building construction.

Current projects are primarily major hotel developments and transport terminals. Over the next five years revenue is expected to grow 4.1% to reach a value of $39.6 billion by 2023.

The main forms of predicted future projects include the construction of transport buildings and retail stores, as well as prime office developments in major cities.

Solid trends in stable economic growth and labour force size are predicted to stimulate demand for new office construction, while an increasing household consumption expenditure means a larger demand for the redevelopment and upgrade of shopping centres.

In relation to industrial construction, the main forms of expansion will include railway stations and bus depots. There is ample opportunity to enter the market now and take part in the large projects that are to come.

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Import & Export

Australia is well-renowned for high-quality exports, with a 19% increase in the value of the industry in 2017, reaching $291.6 billion.

While there is a large portfolio of goods and services exported, minerals and fuels continue to dominate, comprising 45.5% of total exports within the last financial year.

They were followed by services, manufactured goods and food, with primary products only contributing a small amount.

Australia exports to numerous countries globally, although the largest trading partners are located in East Asia, particularly China, Japan and the Republic of Korea.

These are followed closely by the United States and India. The largest importer by far is China, receiving nearly 30% of all exports and providing $110.4 billion dollars in revenue.

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