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Applying For An Australian Partner Visa? You Must Pass An English Test

Applying For An Australian Partner Visa? You Must Pass An English Test
Last week’s Australian Budget announcement included proposed changes to the immigration law concerning non-citizens looking to apply for an Australian partner visa. Learn everything you need to know about the changes here.

Australian Visa Options Available Now: Don’t Let COVID Delay Your Application

Australian Visa
When COVID-19 started spreading across the world, and Australia implemented restrictions to its international borders in response to this, many assumed that restrictions had also been put in place for Australia's visa programs. This is not, in fact, true, as there are currently no restrictions on someone applying for, and receiving, an Australian visa.

Highly Skilled in Your Field? The Distinguished Talent Visa is For You

The distinguished talent visa
The distinguished talent visa promises permanent residency in Australia if an application from a highly-skilled immigrant is approved. Learn everything you need to know about this visa and see if you qualify here!

Australia’s Hong Kong Policy Provides Visa Opportunity

Australia Hong Kong Policy
Australia suspended its extradition agreement and is now providing certain visa options for Hong Kong Residents. There's a lot of news floating around Australia's Hong Kong Policy without direct information about how this affects Hong Kong citizens or residents. In this article, we'll explain what this means for Hong Kongers looking to immigrate to Australia.

Family Visas: Australia Welcomes Family Members of Citizens & Residents

Family Visas Australia Welcomes Family Members of Citizens & Residents
If you have a family member living in Australia who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident, they may be able to sponsor you for a family visa.

Investment Visa Australia – Use Your Property Investments To Obtain A Permanent Visa

investment visa australia
If you own commercial or residential property, then you may be able to use these investments to receive a permanent investment visa in Australia.

Hong Kongers – This Is Why You Should Move to Australia

Hong Kongers — This is Why You Should Move To Australia
Are you a Hong Kong citizen looking to move to Australia? We explore the Australian visa options available to Hong Kongers and dispel some visa myths.

5 Telling Reasons For Migration To Australia in A “Post”-COVID World

5 Telling Reasons For Migration To Australia in A Post-COVID World
Considering migrating to Australia? Explore 8 reasons for migration to Australia in a “post”-COVID world & how AU managed it so effectively.

An Alternative Route to an Australian Business Visa (188 to 888)

Australian Business Visa 188 to 888
There is another way for you to obtain a permanent business visa Even if you Do Not Meet the Criteria for a subclass 132 permanent business visa. This involves you transitioning from the subclass 188 Business Innovation Stream visa to the subclass 888 Business Innovation Stream visa.

A Complete Guide to an Entrepreneur Visa in Australia (Subclass 188 and 132)

Australian Entrepreneur VIsa
Have an exciting idea that you want to commercialise for the Australian market? Keep reading to find out how you can apply for an Australian entrepreneur visa that will allow you to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.

The Roadmap To An Australian Business Visa

Australian Business Visa
Considering a move to Australia and looking to move your business, start a new business or buy an existing business? You might be eligible for an Australian business visa. If you’re a foreign business owner that wants to migrate to Australia so you can own and operate a business, here’s your roadmap to a successful visa application!