Family Sponsored Visa

What is a Family Sponsored Visa ?

If you have a family member, spouse, or de facto partner who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident, then you may be able to apply for a family sponsored visa.

Please select the family category that applies to you to learn more information about partner, parent, and child visas:

Partner Visas

Partner visas are for spouses or de facto partners of Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens.

To be eligible for a partner visa, your spouse or de facto partner will need to sponsor you.

There are two types of partner visas:

  1. The subclass 820/801 visa which is for those that are applying for their partner visa in Australia.
  2. The subclass 309/100 visa which is for overseas applicants.

Obtaining a permanent partner visa is a two-step process.

Partner Visa Application Process

To apply for a partner visa you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Submit a partner visa application.
  2. Submit a sponsorship application.

If both applications are approved, you will receive an 820 or 309 temporary partner visa.

Once you have held this temporary visa for at least 2 years, immigration will write to you an invite you to apply for the 801 or 100 permanent partner visa.

Partner Visa Requirements

In addition to being sponsored by an eligible sponsor, you will also need to demonstrate that you are in a genuine and committed relationship with your sponsor.

The relationship also needs to be ongoing, which means that your relationship is likely to continue indefinitely.

If you have entered into a relationship with your sponsor purely to obtain a partner visa, it is likely that immigration will not approve your application.  

Parent Visas

Parent visas are for parents of Australian citizens, permanent residents, and eligible New Zealand citizens.

There are two types of parent visas:

  1. The subclass 103 parent visa.
  2. The subclass 804 aged parent visa.

If you are applying for a subclass 103 parent visa, you must be outside Australia when your visa application is decided, whereas for a subclass 804 aged parent visa, you must be inside Australia when your visa application is decided.

Parent Visa Application Process

To apply for a parent visa you will simply need to prepare and submit a parent visa application.

There are no additional steps involved with applying for a parent visa.

Parent Visa Requirements

Aside from being sponsored by a family member, you will also need to satisfy the balance of family test to be eligible for a parent visa.

The balance of family test is used to determine whether the majority of a parent’s children are settled in Australia.

For example, if a parent has three children two of which are Australian citizens and one is not, the parent is likely to meet the balance of family test.

Child Visas

These visas are for children living outside Australia that have parents in Australia that are Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens.

Child Visa Application Process

Applying for a child visa is a one-step process. All that is required is that you prepare and lodge your visa application.

Child Visa Requirements

The main requirement that needs to be met for child visa applicants is that they are a dependant child of their sponsor.

Generally speaking, those over 25 years of age will not be considered a dependant child.

However, if there are genuine reasons why someone over this age is still dependant on their parents (i.e medical care), then the child may still meet this requirement.